11th Jan 2023

PlantPRO Helps TKO Plaza Enhance Energy Efficiency

PlantPRO Helps TKO Plaza Enhance Energy Efficiency

It has been a challenge for the facility management team of shopping malls to strike a balance between maintaining indoor comfort for a desirable shopping environment and reducing energy consumption as part of their decarbonisation efforts.

With a footprint covering residential properties, shopping malls, commercial and industrial buildings, Nan Fung Property Management has taken a further step towards creating a sustainable community by adopting Smart Energy Connect chiller plant optimisation solution, PlantPro at TKO Plaza. This AI-based chiller optimisation solution has eventually helped TKO Plaza to achieve over 14% energy saving on average and reduced over 240 tons of carbon emissions*.

Visit our solution page to learn how PlantPro helps businesses improve energy efficiency while achieving sustainability. You may also contact us to discover how TKO Plaza benefited from this AI-powered solution.

*Measured from February to November 2022 and compared to the same period in 2021.

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